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Online learning using Skype


business situations, conference calls, presentations, meetings, social interaction, academic work, interview techniques, understanding cultural differences…

we have the solution by offering you 1:1 personalised online English learning using Skype.

Exclusive Confidential Individual Own Privacy Concept

How can we make your time more effective?

  • Practical and time-effective learning from anywhere in the world.
  • Personalised learning to suit your individual requirements.
  • A flexible service with times and hours to suit you.
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What do you need to be more effective in a global market?

  • Communication skills in English for both business and social use.
  • Written English from report writing to emails to academic work.
  • Intercultural understanding to learn how language influences what people say or mean or what they don’t say…
  • Comprehensive skills to get the most out of your conference calls.
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What does a personalised programme mean?

  • A programme guided by your input and role within the company or personal circumstances and needs.
  • A programme that is adapted to your specific industry, whether that is the automotive industry, computer gaming, pharmaceuticals, architecture and design, engineering, etc.
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Flexible, effective and confidential

  • a discreet and confidential service at your own place in your own time
  • whether you are starting out  in your career or a CEO of a corporate company
  • our wealth of experience is available to you through the worldwide web and Skype

You will be amazed how much you can achieve with the Williams and Cooper online service!

Skype packages start from as little as £500 for 10 hours.

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