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In-company English learning for individuals or small groups

Whether you work for a multi-national blue chip company or a small privately owned business,

Melodie and Nicky have extensive experience in providing in-company learning be it 1:1 coaching or a small group.

Our in-company English learning covers many different levels and focusses on key skills that you need to be effective in your place of work and to be successful in an international market.


Believe in Your Potential

How do we improve your confidence in English?

  • By improving all your English language skills; spoken, written, reading and listening.
  • Through developing your confidence in speaking fluently in both business and social situations.
  • By teaching you techniques to be in control of your own destiny.
World Asian Businessmen Bow in meeting room rendered by computer graphic 3d.


What do we mean by intercultural differences?

  • Comprehending what native English speakers say and actually mean: for example, “that’s interesting…”. Is that actually what it means?
  • Understanding the ‘subtleties’ of the English and English working life whether that is for meetings, projects, team dynamics or with suppliers, etc.
  • Different accents, dialects, dynamics and how to manage this without losing your authority or confidence.

Believe in Your Potential

How can we improve your business acumen?

  • We challenge your perspective to develop new ideas, i.e. light bulb moments.
  • We are guided by your personal circumstances, input and role within the company to assist you in becoming more effective.
  • We adapt your learning programme to your specific job role, industry or circumstances, whether that is the automotive industry, computer gaming, pharmaceuticals, architecture and design, engineering, etc.
World Asian Businessmen Bow in meeting room rendered by computer graphic 3d.

What are the advantages of in-company learning?

  • Support at your place of work to make your time even more effective.
  • The opportunity to work on emails, reports, meetings, presentations, etc. that have actually happened or are about to take place to ensure an effective and productive outcome.
  • It does not have to be your place of work it can be a mutually convenient place to save you time and money.

Ultimately, we strive to provide you with the practical skills and confidence to deal with a wide range of situations in a discreet and confidential manner.

20 hrs minimum contracts start from £1340

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