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Melodie Williams

Melodie Williams

Melodie brings focus, dynamism and humour to your English journey. She’ll challenge your status quo and will apply her insights and skills to move you to a new level. Having worked in the corporate world for many years she understands the pressures and demands that you face in this globally expanding world. Her coaching and lesson style will be tailor made to reflect this.

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Nicky Cooper

Nicky Cooper

Nicky brings a great balance to your English adventure. Nicky has this wonderful and rare intuitive ability to really understand what someone needs and she carefully “unlocks” the person’s ability to enable them to achieve their goals. She fully understands from the ‘inside out’ what it is like to speak and work in a foreign language and the limitations this can present having lived and worked in other countries.

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We make your experience individual and totally tailored to your English needs, whether that is relating to your business or social circumstances. We do this with passion and aimed at your ultimate outcome.

We are friendly, sociable, experienced, trustworthy and professional whilst being adaptable and challenging. We use our integrity and experience to provide open and honest feedback to ensure your progress is effective and develops your confidence.

We make your experience interesting and fun!

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