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Business English and InterCultural Communication
for Confidence in English

Improve your English communication:

  • Personalised learning programme
    to suit your specific needs
  • InterCultural Understanding
    Through developing your language skills
  • Controlling Your Destiny
    Learn techniques to use in all situations
  • Developing Confidence
    Both your social and business confidence
  • Increase Potential
    Increase your potential in a global market

Personalised programmes for:

  • Business Professionals
    Across all levels and industries
  • Adaptable programmes
    For individuals or small groups
  • Graduates and Apprentices
    Support for all areas of development
  • InterCultural Understanding
    Develop your social and business understanding
  • Language and much more
    Speaking, writing, reading, listening, presentations, etc.

Your course options for maximum flexibility:

In-company learning


planned around your schedule


your programme is based on your objectives


put your learning directly into practice

Online Learning


learn when you want, in your time and your place


learning to fit around you and your goals


as often as you need so you can put the learning directly into practice

Full Immersion

Personalised learning

business and social English


min of 3 days with a location to suit you


intensive, targeted learning to suit a wide range of objectives

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What Melodie and Nicky offer:

  • corporate and private business backgrounds with international companies
  • experience of working in the academic environment
  • extensive experience of living and working overseas
  • fluency in several languages to understand your needs further
  • a proven track record of success

In short: expertise, flexibility, discretion, confidentiality and a sense of humour!

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However, our clients have often a better way of expressing what is special about their English language programme:

I just want to say, thank you, for all the techniques and methods you taught me in those fun and informative sessions.These methods will help me transpose thoughts, actions, into coherent and easy to follow sentences. Those 10 meetings helped me understand that in communication we must have a balance between the transmitter and receiver. You gave me phrases which I could use to help clarify the information that is communicated to me. I also received tools that help me improve and verify my writing skills and in the process made me understand that one misspelled word it\'s not so bad. In this period I had a glimpse into observing, analysing a presentation and the dynamics of meetings. After all this, I must say, I feel more confident and ready to tackle day to day challenges and for that I\'m very grateful.

I think Nicky did a very good job in teaching the three of us English. Every week she came well prepared and brought along exercise material which was tailored to our needs. Also, Nicky never shied away from any ad hoc situation that might arise, jumping to the occasion to correct or improve our choice of words. It must be said that she always does this in an un-interrupting fashion so as not to distract the speaker. I would strongly recommend Nicky as a teacher to anyone who wants to become more adapt in the English language. Nicky clearly knows her stuff.

I really appreciate the fact that the tuition is tailored to fit my needs. I also like the technique-oriented approach, I never felt as if I was back at school. It is easy to talk to Melodie and Nicky, they are kind, approachable and funny.

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